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Great Britain Mini Cruises


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Great Britain

You may think of exotic destinations when you consider a cruise, but a trip around the British Isles may be a great alternative.

British Isles mini cruises tend to be repositional sailings. These are when a ship moves from one port to another, in readiness for its next major undertaking.

Rather than sail empty, cruise lines sell cabins on these short taster cruises. Typically, such itineraries will be between Dover or Southampton and Liverpool, Edinburgh and Newcastle, London Tilbury to Dover or Southampton, etc.

Cruises to nowhere originate and terminate at the same port, but spend a day or two out at sea. It does not visit any port along the way, and the path taken by the captain will vary depending on the weather and sea conditions. So if it does not call at any ports en-route, why book a cruise to nowhere? Some passengers book them for the relaxation, and others book them to get an accurate feel for the ship ahead of booking a longer voyage.