Reasons To Cruise - Your Guide To Mini Cruises From The UK

Mini cruises are short breaks that usually last up to around five nights. Hop on a cruise ship or ferry and enjoy a getaway from the moment you board.

There's a cruise for everyone, and mini cruises are particularly well-suited to a vast range of travellers. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, as a small family, with the grandparents on a multigenerational holiday, or with a groups of friends, there are short breaks to suit you.

Oh, and if you cruised in the good 'ol days and 'fondly' remember the school ferry trip from hell, you'll be glad to learn modern cruising is a whole new world.

Why book a cruise holiday?


Cruise holidays have transformed into an entirely different proposition in recent times. Once upon a time, they may well have been stuffy affairs for the elite, but now the industry has modernised, making cruise holidays accessible for all.

Whether you want to sail on a small and intimate ship or the world's biggest cruise ship, you can find the perfect holiday. Whether you want a kid-free adults-only holiday or you want to take the little ones on a holiday of a lifetime, you will find a ship to suit. If pampering in a setting of sheer luxury, or a no-frills, good value holiday is your priority, you will find a cruise line to match.

Try your first cruise

Cruise ship

Dipping your toes into the world of cruising need not be daunting. In fact, several cruise lines offer short taster cruises of between one and five nights that are perfect for sampling the cruise lifestyle.

These mini cruises let you explore the ship, sample the hospitality, try out the food, enjoy the entertainment, and visit popular ports of call in a short space of time. If the thought of spending a week cooped up on a cruise ship scares you, these are perfect short breaks where you can see exactly what cruise holidays are really like.

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