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Welcome to the good ship, Reasons to Cruise, a cruise blog by David Fiske.

I am an accidental cruise writer. Working as a website developer and marketer, I fell into the cruise world and have not looked back since.

I created Reasons to Cruise, unleashing my inner travel agent, with the sole aim of introducing more people to the fascinating world of cruising.

Many people still believe the misconceptions about what a cruise holiday is really like. They base their ideas on hearsay from cruise critics, or on a harrowing childhood ferry experience. Even the cruise lines struggle to get across how diverse and modern the industry is.

I aim to dispel the myths. I want to inspire curious readers, like you, to try something different. Something fun and exciting.

Discover a better holiday experience

I look at the sheer variety found on modern ships. These include the diverse range of cabins, the delicious food, the entertainment choices, the once-in-a-lifetime activities, and the fabulous service.

While all modern cruise ships may look similar on the exterior, they each have a unique personality and ambience hidden within. I put together practical recommendations for you. I am a firm believer that there is a cruise for everybody. If you can match your personality to the correct cruise line and the right ship, you will be a cruise addict for life. Use my tips to find your ideal cruise holiday.

Let us not forget the other aspects of a cruise holiday too. International holidays usually require air travel, and often a hotel stay too. I write first-hand cruise ship reviews, plus reviews of other travel options such as trains, planes, hotels, and shore excursions. I cut through the marketing fluff and tell it like it really is.

The ship is only one part of the story. The exciting itineraries and varied destinations make up the remainder. I love exploring new cities and revisiting old favourites. I like waking up each day in a different destination - only having to unpack my suitcase once!

For a peek behind the pristine ships, walk with me behind-the-scenes and see what goes into constructing, launching, and renovating a cruise ship.

Lastly, if it is opinion that you seek, look no further than my cruise reviews and cabin reviews. They are factual, frank, and honest.

How I inadvertently fell into the cruise industry

In 2008, my girlfriend and I wanted to do something different for our honeymoon. Something memorable, something once-in-a-lifetime.

The one-off cruise holiday early in 2009 turned out to be the first of what is now a very expensive hobby!

While we were both captivated by the excellent service, the entertainment, the varied destinations, and the lifestyle, not everything was perfect. Returning home, I pulled apart the experience and vowed not to sail again.

But I booked another. Knowing what to expect, this experience was far more enjoyable and I was hooked. I couldn't resist booking another. And another. And, well, you get the picture.

Today, I live and breathe all aspects of the cruise world. I write by day and dream of distant voyages by night. British travel magazine World of Cruising published my articles in several editions. I have written pieces for travel agents. I have worked with tourist boards and have been fortunate enough to visit some incredible destinations.

I have lost count of how many ships I have toured and sailed on. I have sailed on everything from a tiny working ship right up to the world's biggest cruise ship.

One of my most favourite experiences to date was touring a cruise ship during its construction. The rare behind-the-scenes tour at a shipyard fed my curiosity. Sailing on a cruise ship is one thing but seeing its birth is inspiring.

I have cruised on my own, in a couple, as a family, and as a multigenerational group. I have experienced how a cruise holiday can combat the loneliness of travelling solo. I have seen how it can nurture romance, and how it can create precious family memories.

I know what makes a great cruise holiday and can recognise the formula for a bad one. I love helping other people discover what is right for them.I am sure I was destined to be a travel agent, as I love researching ships, quoting up cruise itineraries, and planning holidays.

My aim here is to help inspire and help you navigate the baffling world of cruise holidays.

If you have any questions about cruise holidays or the cruise industry, please do not be shy. Send me an email and I will get back to you. Alternatively, send me a tweet or message me on Facebook.

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Why trust me?



I have tried and tested a variety of cruise lines and cruise ships, from a tiny ship along the Norwegian coastline to the world's largest cruise ship. For a first-hand account, look no further.


Brands trust me

My work has appeared in print editions of World of Cruising magazine. I have also written content for travel agencies, and I am regularly asked to comment on industry news and developments.


Just the facts

I have worked in marketing for over a decade. I can separate fact from fiction. I see through the fluff and sales speak and tell it like it is, based on my personal experiences at sea.
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