Cruise Advice [Page 3]

Planning the perfect cruise holiday can quickly become hard work.

Picking the perfect destination, the right cruise line, the ideal cruise ship, drinks packages, and shore excursions can all be tricky. Get it wrong, and your dream experience can instantly shatter.

I have put together my top picks from my experiences as a customer and as a travel writer. I recommend the best cruise ships and itineraries for a range of holidaymakers, including solo travellers, couples, and families. I also suggest tips of things you should definitely book, tips on what is best avoided, and resources worth checking out before you book.

Tips on Packing For Your Baby’s First Cruise Holiday

On my first family cruise with a seven-month-old, I took a medium-sized suitcase just for him. I blindly packed for every eventuality. After all, they do not have babies in Europe, do they?! I quickly realised I had overpacked, but some items were a...

Reviewing ‘Cruisemaster: The Book on Cruising for Newcomers’

Based in Sussex, Roger Mallock is a Fellow of the Institute of Travel and Tourism and has over 50 years experience in the travel industry. He works freelance as a travel broadcaster, tour manager, speaker, and presenter. Now, he has authored a...

Relax in the Best Bathrooms at Sea

Picture a luxurious bathroom the size of living room, with luxurious fixtures, and a magnificent view from the bath to the ocean beyond. Welcome to the world of luxury cruise ship suites. Or more specifically, their bathrooms. You will find the...