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1 Night Mini Cruises

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Reasons to cruise for 1 night

As mini breaks go, a one-night cruise is the shortest available.

This adventure is over soon after it starts, so I would not recommend it for first-time cruisers.

Instead, a one-night mini cruise is ideal for seasoned cruisers looking for a quick fix, or to check out renovations and upgrades on their favourite ships.

One-night cruises that move are often repositional cruises, so start at one port and end at another. Cruise lines pen these micro-trips in to move vessels slightly in preparation for the next big voyage. As such, you may need to organise transportation back home (or take advantage of cruise line arranged transportation, if available).

Some one-night mini “cruises” don’t sail anywhere. Instead, they remain docked in port and serve to give a taste of cruise ship life without heading out into open waters. These are effectively overnight ship visits where you can tour the vessel, experience the onboard amenities, and stay the night in a comfortable cabin.