Queen Mary 2 Britannia Single Outside Cabin 2016 Review

Queen Mary 2 Britannia Single Outside Cabin 2016 Review

If ever there was a cabin that made me want to leave my family on the quayside, this is it.

Cabin 2016 is one of a small handful of recently added staterooms on Queen Mary 2 designed and priced specifically for solo occupancy.


I had the opportunity to tour the cabin and to compare it against my inside cabin. Besides the fact the cabin is for single occupants, it is far superior to many other cabins on this ship in every other way.

I scoped out my cabin and then saw this beauty. My jaw dropped as I stepped into this light and airy Britannia Single Outside Cabin. The décor and ambience are so radically different to those of the inside cabin. This Outside cabin would not look out of place on a brand new ship fresh out of the shipyard.

A large picture window, flanked by a chaise lounge, draws the eye to the end of the cabin. Immediately as you enter the cabin, the bathroom is on the left-hand side. The en-suite shower room eats into the cabin space, forming an L-shape.

The bathroom, much like the rest of the cabin, uses tones of grey and light browns to create a stylish and modern look. A glass framed shower cubicle and plenty of storage shelves finish off the en-suite room nicely.

Tucked beyond the bathroom is small unit housing the tea and coffee making facilities and mini bar. Around the corner is a small wardrobe next to the single bed. Opposite the bed is a desk area framed with mirrors to bounce the light around. A large wall-mounted TV frees up table space.

What makes this cabin feel light and airy, besides the abundant natural light from the picture window, is the raised ceiling height. These single occupancy cabins on Deck 2 occupy a space formerly used by the casino, while those on Deck 3 sit where the photo gallery used to reside. These decks are otherwise exclusively devoted to public areas, so have a greater ceiling height than the accommodation floors. This height, combined with Cunard's use of recessed lighting, makes for a magnificently tall room that is a pleasure to stay inside.

If I were to tick off a bucket list dream of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on Queen Mary 2 on my own, I would snap up this solo cabin on Deck 2 without hesitation. I loved the stylish modern look of this cabin together with its location and large picture window.

Cabin 2016 is part of a small group of cabins on the port side of Deck 2 midship, right outside the lower level entrance to the Britannia Restaurant. Cabins 2002 to 2018 hide on a private corridor accessed through a nondescript door. One end leads to the Britannia Restaurant while the other opens out into the back of the casino.

Head to the starboard side of Deck 3L to find the art gallery occupying an identical space used by new solo cabins 3002 to 3012. I wonder if the art gallery will move at the next refit to make way for even more single occupancy cabins? Time will tell.

What do you think of the new single occupancy cabins on Queen Mary 2? Should there be more of them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclosure: I paid for this trip in its entirety. My opinions are my own.

Single Outside Cabin 2016 Review
  • Décor and cleanliness
  • Size and layout
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Privacy


The sleek and modern décor of this comfortable cabin is worlds apart from that of many other cabins on Queen Mary 2, making this a perfect choice if you are travelling on your own on this fabulous cruise liner.

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  1. I have booked a single, outside cabin on the QM2 for Oct, 2024 – round trip crossing. It is the location that sold me – in the center of the public spaces yer along a private hallway. Only because they converted this photography space was this amazing location possible. Just took a celebrity cruise with a cabin in the front and my sore knees about gave out. I can’t wait to be in this outstanding cabin.

  2. Location reminds me of restaurants where a single guest is seated near the kitchen. Not impressed and is turning me against sailing on Cunard as a single passenger.

    • I hove booked cabin,2016 for a double Atlantic crossing in October, 2024. I LOVE the location; it is almost unheard of having a room in the midst of everything. I have very bad knees and this location means far less walking. Just did a Celebrity cruise – the walking from the front of the ship was a killer. It is the cabin,location that sold me.

  3. I am going to book one of the single cabins on March 25, 2022. It sounds as though they are just put near the public spaces so not sure how that will work.

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