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P&O Cruises Azura Guernsey Mini Cruise – 31st August 2019

Fancy a quick weekend break from Southampton to Guernsey?

This brief taster cruise onboard P&O Cruises' Azura sails from Southampton to the Channel Islands for a day exploring St Peter Port.

Cruise ship

Oh no, the ship has sailed on this cruise

Sorry, the ship has sailed on this mini cruise and I'm sure it was a blast! Never mind though, there are plenty more mini cruises to choose from.

About this cruise

Head to Southampton to board P&O Cruises' Azura on Saturday 31st August 2019.

The Route

The itinerary for this mini cruise is:

1Saturday 31st August 2019SouthamptonAfternoon
2Sunday 1st September 2019St Peter PortEarly morning to early afternoon
3Monday 2nd September 2019SouthamptonEarly morning

Why choose this taster cruise?

  • 2 nights on P&O Cruises' family-friendly ship, Azura
  • Voyage A923 departs on Saturday 31st August 2019
  • Sail round-trip from Southampton
  • Spend a day in Guernsey in the often sun-soaked Channel Islands

So you know, the map above shows point-to-point lines which may cross land. Don't worry, your cruise ship will not sprout legs and run across dry land. Instead it's water all the way! Mapping is approximate, and the scheduled times are estimates. Your trip is subject to change as, occasionally, operators have to alter itineraries due to bad weather or unforeseen events.

The Price

Cruise ship

Oh no, the ship has sailed on this cruise

Sorry, the ship has sailed on this mini cruise and I'm sure it was a blast! Never mind though, there are plenty more mini cruises to choose from.

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David Fiske 3 August 2019 3 August 2019 P&O Cruises Azura Guernsey Mini Cruise – 31st August 2019


  1. HI
    Just left feeling really disappointed and ripped off after not being able to step foot on St Peters Port. Totally understand and accept the decision not to use tenders due to the safety risk. However, do not accept the following:

    Not being made aware when booking that there is a very high chance of passengers not being able to use tenders, meaning when you book this trip there’s a huge risk of whether or not you get to see the island. I have since researched this and many people are questioning why P&0 continues to do this mini cruise. I guess it can be more accepting if this is the beginning of your journey and you have other places to look forward to seeing but not if Guernsey is the only destination.

    No real acknowledgement/empathy from the captain that there would no doubt be many disappointed passengers… just a very to the point ‘ we are going back out to sea’.
    Just a bizarre experience of total avoidance and defensiveness and lack of empathy from staff members. Not even a complimentary drink as a sweetener.

    I feel that P&O should be more transparent when advertising this cruise as it’s obvious there is a high risk of not seeing the island. A lot of money to stay on a ship that is looking tired and worn out and unfortunately many of the staff were also exhibiting behaviours that suggested they too were tired and worn out!
    I would really welcome an explanation

    • I’m disappointed to hear that the ship wasn’t able to safely call into Guernsey. All cruise itineraries are sold on the basis that the scheduled ports of call may well change depending on the weather conditions, and this is baked into the terms and conditions for every cruise line. Cruise lines often do try to find space at another port along the way, but that’s not always possible at short notice as these things are normally arranged years in advance.

      On a mini cruise, the risk of disruption is greater as there’s usually only one or two ports of call planned for the trip. Still, I understand it was a disappointing experience. As you rightly say, it’s an easier pill to swallow if there were more ports to look forward to on the itinerary. I myself have been on the wrong end of itinerary changes due to the unfavourable weather – and mechanical failure – and recognise it does leave a bitter taste, espeically as I watched ports I desperately wanted to visit disappear into the horizon. But I’ve been fortunate enough not to experience this on any of the mini cruises I’ve taken so far (*frantically searches for wood to touch*). I know it’s no consolation but when I went to Guernsey last, the water was so still it was more like a pond.

      Have you contacted P&O’s customer service team about this? I’d be interested to know how you get on.

  2. Hello, Can I just ask why my friends paid around £200 each for this cruise, but I can only find a starting price of £349, which seems pretty pricey. Best regards, Sandra

    • It may well be that they booked earlier while the availability was good. The closer to the sail date, the more expensive rates tend to be as availability reduces.

      • Hello David
        I am going to write to P&0 ( this weekend) as recommended by the travel agent. Interestingly the parents of the lady I spoke to were also on the same trip and they too had experienced huge disappointed. She had advised her parents to write in and make a complaint.
        Unfortunately I booked late and paid £700.00.
        I understand there is always small print … however, there seems to be sooo many people disappointed and misled with p&0 and the lack of transparency with regard to a very high possibility passengers will not step foot on Guernsey. It’s a lot of money to spend on a tired old ship with tired staff.
        If the ship experience had been better, then it wouldn’t have been quite so bad. I’ve been on two other cruises with a different company and had a totally different at sea experience.
        However, i’m grateful my son and I have a very good relationship and are creative in our thinking…
        this served us well in being able to amuse ourselves and have fun with the disappointed….even with the captains lack of empathy when he made his announcement . . After reading the reviews on this particular cruise, It now makes sense as it is obviously a speech the captain is well rehearsed in and possibly presented in a manner which is hoped to discourage curiosity and complaints from the passengers.
        Best wishes

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